RedHouse is the music studio of
composer / producer / engineer / sound-designer
Gijs van Klooster


Providing the experience and necessary perspective to guide a recording from start to finish.

After playing, composing and producing music for more than 30 years in many genres I can cover the whole process that often starts in a rehearsal room or home studio and ends in a mastering studio.

What drives me is to deliver a musical listening experience that really expresses the artist’s inspiration. And make everything connect - from concept to final master - and tell the same story; performance, music, processing, mix .. sound.

If you want me involved in any or all phases of your musical journey, get in touch and we'll have a coffee.

Pre Production

Together we’ll talk, listen to demos to find the core of your music. We focus on how to present your music to your audience. Prepare, fine tune and practice performances.
A technical plan will guide the production phase.


Construct and conceive all the musical layers and record everything we need. I can assist with composing, arrangements, sound design, help you perform your songs. Our mission is to record your ultimate peak performance.


An important part is to edit all tracks and add FX to enhance the story lines. Mixing is performing the perfect balance between all sounds and instruments to create a beautiful listening experience.


Mastering is done at a specialized mastering studio under my supervision. This will ensure that your listeners can enjoy your work to the fullest on all speakers.

RedHouse is a 'performance studio'. An intimate studio where musical ideas can be captured without interrupting the flow. Everybody together in one room working on the same thing.

And yes, I have Phase-Linear-Monitoring, and yes a fancy Millennia pre-amp too. Lotsa instruments and toys available to play. You just need a place that sounds good and where you feel comfortable - and a guy that knows how to work that sh*t.